Our founder was honored with the news article on one of  our local TV stations Fox31. We are indeed making face masks, and shields for our first responders, and for anyone who needs them through our sister company Hartley Custom Creations.  At this time, Matt Hartley Lighting, LLC is fully committed to the lighting industry, however we have halted of all products except for masks and shields at Hartley Custom Creations.

If you or anyone you know needs face shields or masks, please contact us at hartleycustomcreations@yahoo.com.  You can also view our facebook page at Hartley Custom Creations.

Hartley Custom Creations is dedicated to provide the communities where we live with safety equipment at this time of need.  We will provide them to anyone who needs them but will prioritize by first responders, our elder generation, then to everyone else.  Please contact us for any questions you may have.