A new service is coming to Matt Hartley Lighting

We are working on offering a new service to provide Photo-Realistic renderings for interior and exterior designs.  We will have an official launch in October, however here is a preview of what to expect. We will be offering HD images, 360 panoramic views, and virtual reality framework to allow your clients to immerse themselves into [...]

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38th Annual SALC is just one week away.

In less than one week, the 38th annual Street and Area Lighting Conference will open with classes and the welcome reception.  This year we have a focus on case studies of projects that had interesting challenges, new controls technologies, and even a sports lighting presentation.  There have been several advancements in light and visibility as [...]

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Great Class Attendance For Fundamentals of Lighting

Fundamentals of Lighting We had a great group of people attend the Fundamentals of Lighting class in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  There were people from all walks of the lighting industry, students and professionals new to the lighting industry to a fewer more experienced professionals.  This allowed great interactions between each other and allowed [...]

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A lot of fun and great people in Moncton, NB

Te tour of Northeast Canada continues in Moncton, NB in Hell's Basement Comedy Club.  We had some laughs but for those who could make it from the Moncton IES Section, we also had a great discussion on Photometry 101.  I especially enjoyed our round-table discussion after I finished my presentation on the direction of the [...]

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Great Presentation in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

I wanted to thank everyone  in the IES Halifax section who came out to Spindrift Brewery in Dartmouth for my presentation of Photometry 101.  We had a great group of people and great discussions.  It also didn't hurt that is was in a brewery, a first for me!  Thank you for all of the hospitality!

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Come Learn about Photometry 101 in Eastern Canada

In March, I will be traveling to Eastern Canada to present Photometry 101.  This is an expanded presentation that I have given in the past, most notably at the Street and Area Lighting Conference.  The presentation will take a look at the basics of photometry including: The different types of photometry, how it is created, [...]

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