Monday the IES SALC kicked off in the Grand Ballroom of the Sheridan San Diego Hotel and Marina with the Welcome and Opening comments. Early in the conference, our principle owner Matt Hartley was presented with the Lifetime Service Award for his 20+ years of dedication and commitment. Matt’s speech of thankfulness and gratitude gave us a view of his ascension through the Street and Area Lighting Conference. Matt dropped the names of people who entrusted and helped him with opportunities throughout his many committees’ involvements as a thank you to those individuals.  He gave us insight to the concept of the SALC family and how the interpersonal relationships and commitment to the conference of its members were key factors to the success of the conference.  We are proud of his accomplishments and dedication to the Street and Area Lighting Conference.


A video of the award and acceptance speech can be seen here:

The day continues with more sessions and over 65 exhibitors and networking opportunities. Wrapping up tonight with the exhibitor reception