This year’s Street and Area Lighting Conference hosted over 1000 attendees, and it was better than ever.  I heard many people stating the conference had a great balance of quality speakers.  I was fortunate to meet a few first-time attendees to the conference, and they commented on the quality of the conference, and that they are already planning on attending the conference in Dallas next year.  As someone who has attended and participated in the conference for almost 20 years, this is always great feedback to hear from people new to the conference.  I am so happy to have been involved with this conference for so many years.

As a followup from the previous post on receiving the Lifetime Service Award, I was also honored by the Executive Director Tim Licitra on his post titled IES Annual Conference and SALC Recap.  He stated, “Throughout the three days, there were terrific educational presentations, additional networking opportunities, exhibit and tabletop sessions, and much more. One of the special moments this year was getting to honor Matt Hartley, who received the SALC Lifetime Achievement Award! His dedication is inspiring, and the society wouldn’t be where it is without him.”

I would personally like to thank Tim for his kind words.  I have always believed in being involved in the SALC and the IES.  I was fortunate to Chair the Automotive Retail Sales Committee.  During that time, I had a secretary named Bill Wedding.  Bill and I had several discussions, but one stood out for me.  He stated, “I have spent so many years taking what the Society (IES) has offered to me, I thought it was time I should give back.”  Unfortunately, Bill left us too soon, but I live by his motto.  I believe in the value of the IES, and conferences like the SALC.  I have always been willing to serve, and through my service, I have received so much in return.  Aside from the Lifetime Service Award which I am very appreciative of, I have also received knowledge, and relationships both professionally and personally from my involvement.  I would like to thank everyone for their kind words, and I hope to give back as much as I have received.

Tim’s article can be found here.