Project Description


We were given the opportunity to work on the design for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington DC. This is where they produce and store the Plates for all of the currency in the United States. Since this was such a high profile design we proceeded to model the entire building down to the last details including the flutes on the columns in order to produce a highly accurate design. The thought was to backlight the columns with an intense narrow beam floodlight, wash the front of the building with a very wide pattern floodlight in order to give the building some depth. The Spotlights were designed to be in grade fixtures, while the floodlights would be pole mounted in front of the building. Since the building is located right off of the Mall, there was nowhere else to mount these fixtures. Finally the frieze was uniformly lit to complete the design. This allowed the building to appear more defined rather than blending into the night sky. We did have an opportunity to visit the site when visiting a friend during the design process. We was able to resolve some of the issues of placement, as well as visibility from other monuments. Fortunately this building could be seen from every site around the Mall, so it was important to get it right. The frieze lighting was eliminated due to the Holocaust Museum being next to the design.



  • High Profile design in Washington DC
  • The original design focused on all of the architectural features to be highlighted in different aspects.
  • Low voltage in grade fixtures were used for backlighting the columns.
  • Pole mounted fixtures were used to add depth to the front of the building.