Project Description


While completed a few years ago, Playa Vista Visitors Center was a revolutionary project for its time. This was the first large scale rendering that we designed back in 1999 using a combination of Lightscape and Visual software. We created a program that would translate the exported CAD drawing from Visual into Lightscape including fixture locations and aiming information. This allowed us to create a rendering for the submittal drawing constructed in Visual, which was then turned into a movie.

The movie itself was created out of over 15000 individual frames that were combined together in a separate movie program. In this example many of the frames were removed for time and file size.

The interior was also modeled but not rendered to be used as a sales office, then transition over to a commercial property when the community sales had completed.

The site is located in LA where the old Hughes Aircraft facility was located boasting environmentally friendly design.



  • Visitors center was used as a selling point to provide lighting for the community center, apartments, landscape lighting, and the Center itself
  • Animation technology did not exist at this time and only two software programs were available on the market for rendering
  • Combination of in grade fixtures, area lights, and floodlights were used to highlight the center.
  • Interior lighting was also considered for the rendering.