Project Description


The columns rendering was a design that we worked with to test the new cloud function that helped develop for AGI32. The concept is a hybrid of several buildings that we had seen, but was an original design. In addition the entire model was designed in AGI32. This rendering shows the concept of a large space being illuminated entirely by day lighting. In addition it shows concepts of the program with the clouds, and the new people models at the time. Since we also created the male model in the space to be a part of the object library in AGI32, we can truly say that we designed every aspect of this model. This design is still featured on the AGI32 website in their gallery section, and has been used in print ads for the program.



  • Design was used to show cloud aspects in AGI32.
  • Architectural space was designed from ground up taking inspiration from several municipal buildings, Airport interiors and mall designs
  • Lighting for the space was designed to show daylighting aspects of the program.