Project Description


University of Virginia is a large scale stadium and one of the last “bowl” stadiums in the country. The designer requested that we provide a 1.2 max to min uniformity on the horizontal plane, a 1.2 max to min on a 6′ vertical calculation plane, and a 1.2 max to min uniformity from horizontal to vertical. In addition the combined average mounting height for these fixtures was 216′ above the playing surface. This was due to the sunken bowl that extended below ground 60 ft. in addition to custom made poles that spanned over 160 ft. We achieved all of the required levels and assisted in the final installation. After the design was complete, we were asked to come back to enjoy the first game of the season in the newly renovated stadium. This stadium was featured in Stadia magazine describing the overall renovation of the stadium including the lighting. ESPN and ABC were quoted as saying that UVA had the best lighting for televised football.

In addition to the lighting design, it took 4 days to aim the close to 400 lighting fixtures. Before aiming took place, a custom program was written to verify that the fixtures would not collide with each other when aimed.



  • Extreme mounting height from fixture to calculation plane (216’)
  • High uniformity throughout to meet stringent TV broadcast levels.
  • Lighting for the first 10 rows to allow for celebrities at games.
  • Custom programming to allow for drift in fixture location and assurance fixtures could be aimed and not collide with each other.