Project Description


The Georgia Dome project posed an interesting design challenge. The designer requested that the fixture have a lens, 100% downlight with absolutely no light leak. These design issues were minor compared to the primary aspect of the design. The designers requested that the fixture be continuous and curved around the stadium. The overall design included more than two miles of continuous fixtures with the longest curved length being 4000 linear feet. Working with the designer, contractor, and manufacturing, we were able to design a wedge that allowed each 8′ fixture to connect through the oval length of the concourse seamlessly with only a discrepancy after 4000 ft. to connect to each other of 1/16th of an inch. We were able to coordinate the project between the different parties, as well as assist in the luminaire design limiting the up light to negligible levels. The designer and contractor were extremely pleased with the project being completed ahead of schedule and under budget.



  • Coordination with industrial designer to produce the design to incorporate small connectors to allow for the complex curvature of the stadium.
  • Overall design wrapped around the entire stadium on different levels for over four miles of lighting fixtures.
  • Design of a top cover to minimize up light and provide a floating design for the fixtures
  • Modeling and lighting design to verify design of the overall stadium
  • Project management of entire design from inception to installation.